Designing and working new

I have been working on some PIECED projects. I mentioned in an earlier post that I want to return to doing more pieced work. 

I have a very large quilt that I want to make with curved seams, so I have been practicing my curved piecing. 

You may ask yourself why I am doing this, and I have to say I’m not sure, other than that I want to make this quilt large and I want it to be pieced. That seems reason enough.

It is a slow process as I am teaching and traveling a lot right now. Teaching and traveling is how I make my living so it is an important part of what I do. (I would love to come and teach in your area 🙂 BIG HINT)

Because I want the quilt to look a certain way I am doing a freezer paper, glue technique. It is similar to the technique I use in my pattern Aspen Leaves, but I am experimenting with a more advanced version of the process.

I don’t know about you, but I love experimenting and trying new things. I get bored doing the same thing over and over again and am always looking for the NEXT process.  

The process I am experimenting with involves freezer paper, spray starch and glue. I find it very meditative to do this process. I want the results to be very smooth and repeatable and I want to make sure that when I do this large quilt I have excellent results, hence the practice.

Here is an example of my latest experiment. I really love the quilting, I am not so happy with the curve of the branches. I don’t like the way they look, the quality of the work is just fine.



 FAleaves2-backThe quilting on this is so easy and fun to do. It is just an echo quilt around a simple shape an then stacked one of top of the other. I used 30# weight Madeira rayon to stitch in the ditch around the leaves and stems and also to stipple the leaf itself,  I then used Superior Kimono silk to do the background echo stitching. I always use cotton in my bobbin, I just like it.

I really like to see the back of work too, don’t you?

I always machine quilt my name in my work, even when it is just practice. Who knows where this piece will end up.FAleaves2-sig

5 responses on “Designing and working new

  1. Lisa

    Beautiful! Experimenting and trying new things makes me so happy! I always love the questions “What if. . .” Perhaps that should have been the name of my blog. haha I look forward to seeing your larger piece!

  2. Diane Fulton

    The quilting is lovely. Just wanting to make a large quilt with curves is enough. In the spring I decided I wanted to make circles. Pieced quadrants ala drunkards path, but put together as circles. I obsessed on this, learning and doing and the quilt came out nicely. I see more circles in my future. Can’t wait to see your curved quilt. I find piecing very meditative.

  3. Frieda

    I stopped after each circle. Sometimes you can travel it just depends on where you are what you are doing.
    Yes this is more time consuming, but it makes a really pretty organic pattern.

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