Design wall Friday – Machine Quilting–Stitch in the ditch

I am working on the machine quilting of a quilt that I designed and my friend Linda pieced. This quilt is a present to our children, my son Zac and her daughter Amelia, who were married in October of last year. It is a signature quilt that all the people who attended their wedding were able to sign at the wedding reception. It was a great joint project for the two mothers of the bride and groom to work on together.

I designed the quilt in Electric Quilt 7 and then hand dyed the fabric for it.

The inspiration for this quilt came from the windows in the church where the couple was married. The windows reminded me of pine trees and the church was surrounded by pine trees so it seemed appropriate, besides I love pine tree patterns in traditional quilts.


I sent the design to Linda along with the fabric and she paper pieced it together. It was laid out on a table at the wedding reception and everyone had a chance to add their names or comments to the top of the quilt. Now I am trying to get it quilted so we can give it to them on their anniversary. I may not get it done in time, but definitely by Christmas.

Here is the video of the second step in the quilting process. Stitch in the ditch. Enjoy

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Stitch in the ditch–machine quilting

I made a spelling error in the captions and was unable to edit it. Forgive.

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