Design Wall Friday–Denise Havlan


This Year’s Vintage – 17″ x 17″


My design wall was designed and constructed by my husband, Jim.  It measures 90″ tall by 70″ wide. It is composed of four sheets of “pink panther” insulation

that are glued to a pvc structure allowing for the use of both sides.  The board is secured by being mounted on a stainless steel structure fabricated in my husband’s shop that ensures it is at a very stable 90 degree angle to the floor when I am working on it.  And the best thing is it is on wheels!

I made a felt pillow case that covers the whole board. Grey on one side and black on the other.  Great for photography.  


Pulled away from the wall.


Showing the grey site with a quilt in progress


Up against the wall.  I can view the wall from 20 plus feet away.

That allows for really seeing how a composition is working.


A picture of the wheels.  This wall is mobile and stable all in one.

I love it!

Thanks Denise for sharing your wonderful work and design wall with us.

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