Design wall Friday

My good friend Laura Wasilowski has shared a photo of her current design wall.
Laura and I will be driving to Paducah on Monday we will have our booth – #1905.
We are on the main floor, against the back wall. I hope that if you or your friends are in Paducah that you will be sure and drop by and say hello. I will be taking lots of pictures of guests in the booth.

Laura’s comment about her wall is “Lots of quilts ready to bind but no time to do it!” My design wall is seldom used to design a quilt. Instead it serves as a photo wall or as a place to store small quilts that are in process. The little quilts are pinned up with notes saying: to be steamed, stitch this, needs machine stitching, or needs photo. It’s like a quilt bulletin board.The three on the top and the one in the middle are from her series “Tools of the Trade”. Laura has a very fun view of the world.

When making a large quilt, I occasionally pin the quilt up on the design wall. That’s when I get that nasty shock that says the loaves of bread are sliding off the table! (see image of Penelope’s Art)

Won’t you be the next person to share your design wall? I’m looking forward to seeing what you are working on.

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