Design wall Friday

These fabrics have been hanging on one of design walls for awhile. I LOVE these fabrics, but I really can’t stand to cut them. I haven’t figured out yet how I can use them.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Ethne

    Having had a second long look at these superb fabric pieces I’m thinking ‘4 elements’ but you’d have to come up with something funky for air in the yellow section – green – earth / blue – water / red to yellow – fire and yellow – air with the purple being picked out as stones

  2. Gayle from MI

    I’d be tempted to just leave them hanging the way they are. They are a gorgeous art work all by themselves. Something nice to look at while you create other things. A catalyst as it were.

  3. Susan Turney

    I love them, too! I think the only way to cut them would be in long vertical slices…maybe wide ones…and maybe have them attached at the top on a rod? Sort of like a banner? What a fabulous wall hanging.

  4. drc2010

    beautiful fabrics! How were they made?

    the first idea that came to mind for me was the “darned quilts” technique that Dena Crain teaches. If you do a google image search on “best darned quilts” you will see what I mean

  5. Kay Koeper Sorensen

    I’d put a narrow hem on sides and bottom of each one.
    I’d add a casing to the back of each one at the top.

    I would hang them in order of longest to shortest on a length of bamboo.

    If you have a stairwell that would be the perfect place to hang them.

    I agree, they are TOO BEAUTIFUL to cut up.

    A great example of your dyeing skills (art).

  6. :Diane

    Now that you have lovely photos of them, print each on paper and cut them up and play to see if you like them rearranged. I would start with strip flipped alternately and go from there. Next step, print them on white fabric and actually make miniature quilts. Then, when you have a design captured in the stand-in fabric, go use the real ones.

  7. Jules Rushing

    Beautiful creations Frieda! I agree, I wouldn’t be able to cut into them either. I had the same issue with one of my hand painted pieces. My DIL looked at it and told to just stretch it on canvas and hang it. After a year of pondering, I did just that and it is one of my favorite creations! Some things you just can’t improve with quilting!
    Have a colorful day!

  8. Frieda

    Thanks Mary,
    I do teach dyeing workshops maybe your quilt group would like to have me come and teach. This is an advanced technique that I am really not ready to share yet. I am using these for my own purposes and selling them also.

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