Design Wall Friday

This month while teaching in NC I got to meet so many interesting people who’s work I have admired.
Today I’d like to share with you my new friend Lesley Riley. She sent me a picture of one of her inspiration boards and this is what she has to say about it.
I’m a very visual person, so I like to surround myself with color and
ideas and, I’ll be honest, work that I’d love to steal or copy! I figure
if I look at it long enough it will ooze into me and become the influence
that it’s meant to be. I also put my own work (or photos of) up there for
these three reasons:
Reminders of big accomplishments
Work that I’d like to investigate more
Snippets of an idea I want to explore.

You’ll find colors, shapes, and of course quotes and inspiration words of
wisdom that I need to remind myself of regularly.

One of the problems I have with an inspiration board is that over time,
things on it can become, what I refer to as, “part of the landscape.” In
otherwords, you see it everyday so it no longer stands out. If there’s
smomething on the board that doesn’t leap out every time I look at it –
off it goes.

What remains, over time, form a part of my visual language. What is on
that board are ideas and/or symbols that truly speak to me. Using this
process of distillation,  it truly serves as an inspiration board because
it’s something I can turn to again and again to uncover the work that lies
inside me.

I really like her point of view and realize that I do many of the same things as far as surround myself with visual stimulation.
You can view more of Lesley’s work on her webpage at

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