Dancing with your ideas

I struggle with the names of my quilts.

Some people are so lyrical, but for me language does not come easily. I see the world in images not words.

When I made this quilt I polled my blog readers to get ideas for it’s name and you graciously helped me out.

I think the name is perfect. SUNDANCE
This is the perfect project to use those decorative blades on. I have used the pinking blade and the wavy blade in my rotary cutter to help create this design and give it such liveliness.

I recently taught this fusing class. The students get to use my hand dyed fabrics and pattern to create their own version of this fun wall quilt.

I don’t know how you could make this design without fusing the fabrics first.
Placing the yellow flowers on darker fabrics and “shadowing” them gave me the elements for the triangle borders.

The triangle border was not  planned but evolved from the cutaways when creating the shadows behind the flowers.

Each quilt has it’s own rhythm and character that happens while you are making it.

You only have to give it a chance to grow and speak to you as you work on it.

Let the ideas dance around and feel the freedom of playing with them.

Enjoy your weekend.

3 responses on “Dancing with your ideas

  1. Cornwoman

    The name is definitely perfect! It’s a really gorgeous and fun quilt. I love everything about it, but I think that the flower heads are my favorite, with their darker “shadows” beneath the petals and the circles and rings in the center. I love it!!

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