Dancing Trees – QGBI Nottingham UK

Dance the day away with Dancing Trees

Laura and I had so much fun over the pond in the UK. We were the featured speakers at the GALA evening event. We got lots of laughs and applause, thank you very much, and enjoyed the trip.

I thought since the class was going to be in Nottingham, home of Sherwood Forest, that the perfect class to teach would be Dancing Trees.

You can see for yourself (click the tab below) that the class had a good time and did an excellent job of making their Dancing Trees.

Dancing Trees UK

You know you can make this project yourself.

If you click the store tab, and then the patterns tab, and scroll down you can order the pattern, the kit or the ultimate -The pattern with the hand dyed fabric kit – and make your own version of this wonderfully whimsical wall hanging.



3 responses on “Dancing Trees – QGBI Nottingham UK

  1. Mary

    Very quiet, focused group – with stunning results! I noticed a really nice cutting mat in the film. It was blue with a curved top and a cut-out handle. Any chance someone knows the maker?

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