Crazy Quilters

I am dying silk/rayon velvet. This stuff is incredible. I think that every crazy quilter is going to want some of this. I will only have these delicious fabrics at the shows that I vend at, since each piece is individually dyed they are all one of a kind and just too hard to picture on the website.

So if you know some crazy quilters, and yes I know we are all crazy quilters, but you know the ones who like to make “Crazy Quilts”, please send them to our booth at  Houston Quilt Festival -#1015. We will have lots of gorgeous silks, velvets and silk ribbon all hand dyed in scrumptious yummy colors. Absolutely to dye for.
George in a pile of cut soft white silk/rayon velvet. A dog never had it so good.
White textured jaguar silk waiting to be dyed.
Dyed Velvet.

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