Crazy purse

My good friend Gretl makes all the Christmas stockings for everyone in my family.

She is a great knitter and can just whip these up in no time, it would take me all year to make one because I am so slow.

I could just pay her for these, and I have in years past, but we have found a better arrangement that we both enjoy. Exchange services or –


It is so great deal for both of us.

She makes lots of projects each year and some of them requiring sewing. While she can do this, just like I can knit, it is not her strong suit.

Here is the purse that she crocheted last year. It is from a booklet called Stitch Nation.

Once she finished the bag she bought the lining fabric, interfacing and handles and handed it off to me to created fashion the lining and sew it into the purse.

I must say it turned out really well and looks like it is going to be a fabulous project bag or travel bag. It is large and roomy. I added two pockets on the inside and then made a little drawstring bag with the left over lining fabric for “extra” stuff that she will put in the bag.

I think this is a great arrangement between friends to each get something they need, and I have already put in my order for another stocking for next year because we have another new baby on the way.

Now, Gretl just needs to find a suitable project for me to finish for her in exchange for the new stocking.

The new baby is  a girl so I suggested she make the stocking Pink and Green. It should be fabulous.

Barter –

Life is good.


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Frieda Anderson

One response on “Crazy purse

  1. Gretl

    Frieda, I love love love the bag! I’ve used it nearly every day. You did a beautiful job on it.

    I agree that thus barter arrangement is the way to go. I highly recommend it. I keep ending up with the BEST stuff!

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