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Walks in the Woods II

Lexie’s Piece

Dear Frieda, Several years ago, I saw a quilt of yours in a friend’s magazine. I had a house that I thought those colours would go in, and I liked the stylized trees. At that time I was unfamiliar with your work, I just knew I loved the article and the quilts. I believe it was a Fons and Porter publication, but recall no more than that. I know I looked at it a dozen times on that weekend and made a sketch and a few notes. I went home and went through my hand dyes, and I have included photos of the end result. It was for my dining room wall. I loved it there. It was while I was making the wall hanging that I discovered your website when a friend emailed me someone’s blog. I knew then that your work was called `Walks in the Woods’. Since then my circumstances have changed, our house was sold and I can no longer hang it in my rented abode. I belong to a co-op of art and craft folk and have considered displaying it as an example of my quilting, in the hope that someone may wish me to make something for them, on commission. My finances would prefer that someone gave me $$for it, but as it is not my design, I believe I can do neither, without your permission. I would appreciate your feedback or permission for either scenario. I will take no action unless I hear from you, and if displayed I shall acknowledge the source. Am I rambling? BTW the peice is 32″ x 40″, and my hand dyed fabrics as well as a few of my friend’s, are used. Many thanks for reading thus far.Lexie

Dear Lexie,
Thank you for contacting me, I have no problem with you selling the piece as long as you acknowledge that it was inspired by my work and reference my name and website. And by the way yes it was in an issue of Fons and Porters magazine. I am happy that you admire my work and after all making art work is my way of influencing the world. Imitation is the strongest form of flattery, or something like that. I am inspired by my daily walks in the woods with my dog George and so much of what I make is a direct result of these walks, I hope that you find your own inspiration and allow it to influence your own art in the future. Good luck in your endeavors.
Fondly Frieda

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2 responses on “Copy right

  1. Nana B

    Hi Frieda, I have visited your blog a few times and know your work well. I am a board member of MQ and worked on the show when you have been here teaching. Working with faculty I know about copy right issues, it gets very sticky and we all hope quilters will honor the designer’s rights to their work. But one of the reasons I am here is to “tag” you. If you have time to go to my blog and get the rules and then continue the fun. I am new to blogging but have been “tagged” by a friend. So now I am tagging you, this is where you need to list 7 different things about yourself. But first you need to come to my blog and get the rules, then I hope you will finish and do your part. Thanks for the fun, see you soon. Mary of NanaB

  2. lyric

    Hi Frieda!
    How lovely to see a generous and kind response to a copyright request. So many of these situations get all jumpy before anyone even has a chance to breathe. I agree completely with your philosophy.
    Miss you all up there in the frozen North. Don’t miss the cold though.
    Take care!

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