Confetti Naturescapes

Noriko Endo has written a wonderful book – Confetti Naturescapes.
Noriko is an award-winning quilter, she was born and raised in Japan.  Her unique perspective makes this one of the most interesting quilting books on the market. In Confetti Naturescapes Noriko writes about the inspiration she finds everywhere in nature and the techniques she employs to create her masterpieces.
Her naturescapes have the look of impressionist paintings and feature trees, leaves, flowers, lakes, small forest creatures, mushroom, spider webs, and more.  Shapes and images in Noriko’s naturescapes are created using her confetti techniques, which  involves layering colorful bits of fabric on batting, adding a covering of tulle and then machine quilting the entire piece.  Noriko takes readers step-by-step through her process of choosing a subject and selecting colors, then designing, constructing and finishing the work.

I meet Noriko years ago when we were in a workshop together. She is a lovely, lively and talented artist. I know you are going to enjoy her book. This week I am going to feature several of her quilts and on Friday I will be giving away a copy of her book to one lucky winner.
So leave your comments with email address and on Friday my new little grandson and his mom and dad will pick one lucky winner who will receive a free copy of “Confetti Naturescapes” to enjoy.

28 responses on “Confetti Naturescapes

  1. Bev

    This book looks like it should be in my library! I love working with bits and pieces to create landscapes and art quilts. Thanks for sharing so many great hints, technique’s and ideas.

  2. connie

    I love her quilts. What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for the chance to win. I have never seen one of these in person so it would be incredible to see them up close in a book.

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