Comfort Quilts

My sister is going to be experiencing a very difficult year. She will be going through monthly medical treatments until August of next year, so I decided to make her a healing and comfort quilt to take to the hospital with her as she endures these life saving sessions.

I thought you would enjoy seeing it. I just mailed it off to her today. She doesn’t read my blog so it won’t matter if I post it here before she gets it.

She is repainting her room grey and yellow and she said she wanted something bright. I hope she likes this.

Our whole family gathered together for Thanksgiving and I brought the blocks with me so each person could write a message and sign the quilt for her. All the “babies” had their hands traced and got to draw on it as well. In the yellow border and the outside grey triangles and corner I quilted uplifting words, like giggle, success, rich, zap, win, love, life, family.

A quilt of hope, love, comfort and success.

It is a surprise, and I think she will be thrilled. I also sent along the pen so she can have other friends, doctors and nurses sign it if she so desires.


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