Collection Art – do you do it?

Are you an art collector?

It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to collect art.

I do it as often as I can. I admire so many of the people working in the quilting industry and I want to have a little piece of their work in my home to enjoy year round.

I have a fund that I set aside money into every month. And then at least two times a year I buy myself a piece of art.

Two weeks ago my good friend Judy Coates Perez was in town, she was teaching at the St Charles quilt guild near us so Laura and I took her out to dinner after her last class with them.

I am so happy that I have made friends from all over the world through quilting. Judy then came back to my house to spend the night before heading home. We had a nice visit.

Judy was part of a group that did art in a box and she had a few of the pieces with her. I was so taken with this piece I had to add it to my growing art collection. 8" x 8" IMG_8459side


Thanks Judy.



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