It is arctic cold here in Chi-beria. We usually don’t get this cold here in the winter. It has been below zero for about a week now. -9 this a.m.

It is so cold the dog is only going out when we push him out the back door.

We have to shovel a path in the snow for him so he can go beyond the deck.  

PERFECT time to be inside quilting.

But instead I am nesting and have decided to clean up a bit in my studio. It had gotten so bad I could hardly walk from the front to the back of my space.

I was packing boxes of supplies that I sent out yesterday for my classes at Road to CA in two weeks, and stuff was everywhere. I hope I see a few of your faces there 🙂

I NEVER have enough shelving or counter space to work. I can always use more. I am spending the day de-cluttering the tables and floors of my studio so that I can walk around and work again.













This is my studio clean taken last year, it probably hasn’t looked this clean since. I am always working on the next thing and often only stop long enough to clear a spot.

What are you doing on these cold winter days? I hope it is quilting and not cleaning.

OH and today is my wedding anniversary, 37 years. It’s a miracle we haven’t killed each other over the years but here we are, settled in to middle age the happy couple.Brett and Frieda













2 responses on “COLD I mean COLD

  1. Alesia Thiel

    I have been trying to get over some virus that I got the day after Christmas. Doing better now. I like doing landscape pictures on quilts and etc. Been awhile since I made one. I am stuck on mug rugs for now. Would like to make some landscape mug rugs soon. Have a great day.

  2. Bonnie

    Hmmmm. I am cleaning up my shed too. Vacuuming today…and cleaning the windows and then I might be able to see to get something done. The cutting table was so cluttered no one would know there was a cutting board upon it, the desk couldn’t be closed for stuff , the work table had no room to do any work at and the sewing space was absolutely disgusting with bits of fabric and other debris. Today I am mildly optimistic that I will in fact get something done!
    Friday is our anniversary. We were married in 1970 and I credit Norm with the patience of Job! Isn’t it funny how the beards of men grey up before the rest of them? Norm is the same…but now he is getting greyer on top too. Happy anniversary and good wishes for many more to come.

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