I am cleaning my studio. What a chore it is for me, because I need to organize as I clean. As many of you know it isn’t just dusting HA and vacuuming. First you have to put everything away and then you start sorting and organizing all your stuff.

I am in the camp of Pile-err instead of File-er. If I can’t see it I forget about it. This of course makes for a somewhat more cluttered space, but I really don’t mind. I do mind when I can barely walk around.

So in the process of cleaning off my sewing table, I had to stop and clean out my pin cushion and rearrange the pins. I do love doing stuff like this and always vow I will keep it clean, but let’s get real that just isn’t going to happen.

IMG_0524 IMG_0526

Have a safe and happy weekend, try not to go out in the crowds if you can avoid it.

My husband and I are having a date afternoon we are going to see the new Star Wars movie.

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  1. Gayle

    Thanks for the tip fof tge needles! Always wind up trying to figure it out just by looking. Not a good plan. Neither is just using a new one…

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