I have a pair of Cardinals that live in the neighbors bush.

They feed at my bird feeder year round and are such delightful birds to watch and listen to.

  • Size & Shape

    The Northern Cardinal is a fairly large, long-tailed songbird with a short, very thick bill and a prominent crest. Cardinals often sit with a hunched-over posture and with the tail pointed straight down.

  • Color Pattern

    Male cardinals are brilliant red all over, with a reddish bill and black face immediately around the bill. Females are pale brown overall with warm reddish tinges in the wings, tail, and crest. They have the same black face and red-orange bill.

  • Behavior

    Northern Cardinals tend to sit low in shrubs and trees or forage on or near the ground, often in pairs. They are common at bird feeders but may be inconspicuous away from them, at least until you learn their loud, metallic chip note.

So of course I needed to make a quilt with the beautiful male bird featured.

CARDINALS is my newest pattern.

These each measure 18″ square and are raw edge fused.

I have made the kit for this pattern with my hand dyed cotton for the background and foliage, and red/orange SILK for the bird. In the kit you get enough fabric to make both versions, either the summer or the winter Cardinal.FriedaA_Cardinal2FriedaA_Cardinal1

I enjoy them year round at my bird feeder and now nametagyou can enjoy them year round on your wall.


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