Can you SEE!!!

I am getting old.

I hate the fact that my body is aging and yet I still feel young inside.

One of the things that I am acutely aware of is seeing well.

When you are machine quilting you need to be able to see well.

You need to be able to see where you are quilting and where you are going with your quilting.

I have invested in good lighting in my studio as well as good lighting around my sewing machine area.


The side light on the right is an Ott lamp that I got at Costco for around $20. 

The little light on the left is that spot light you can buy that attaches to the side of your sewing machine. It really pinpoints good light on the exact area you are quilting. I like that.

I find that I am MUCH happier being able to see really well while I am quilting. (There really isn’t glare on the quilt area that is just how the picture appears.)


Hope you have a fabulous weekend. We are off to see some of the grand kids. I can hardly wait.

See you next week at the Chicago Quilt show. Our booth number is #1025 stop in and say hello and help out the economy by buying some beautiful hand dyed fabric from us.

FrieStyle hand dyed fabric

FrieStyle hand dyed fabric

If you are attending Quilt Festival Chicago next week (June 19-21 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center)

you will have the opportunity to watch artists work in real time right before your eyes! Open Studios™ is a circular structure with four “studios” labeled: Paint, Stitch, Quilt, and Embellish.

I’ll be doing one on collage fusing on Friday from 2-4 be sure and stop by to heckle me 🙂

During show hours, artists will be working simultaneously (two hours at a time) in each of the rooms, demonstrating their craft. Stop by to be inspired and learn from what these top-notch artists are doing!
now, and check out their demos at the show on Aisles 800/900 at the front of the hall.



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  1. Jane Brown

    I just invested in Bernina’s magnifying glass that your Bernina repairman can afix to your Bernina. It is fantastic and helps me see 1000 times better especially when I have to backtrack over a stitching line. Try it, you’ll like it.

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