Building ART Quilts

There has been some discussion lately about what is an “ART” quilt.

It is my understanding that an art quilt is any quilt that is not a  “traditional” quilt made from standard blocks or patterns.

When I started quilting way back in the 1970’s I started with those kind of quilts. My first quilt ever was a scrap quilt made with 5” squares, then a log cabin quilt, spider web strip blocks and pine tree squares. I still love all traditional tree blocks.

My first “series” of original quilts was a variation on the pine tree block. November, December, January and February. Those were pieced quilts. But I soon turned to fusing to create my quilts and what follows are some pictures from teaching one of my fusing classes. When I fuse I use WonderUnder #805 by Pellon. It is on sale this month over on my webpage.

Quilting in Sault Ste Marie Michigan

This past week end I taught way up in the UP, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The students made their version of my fused pattern Duluth Trees using my hand dyed fabric kits.

Just a few pictures from class.
Duluth Trees
step onestep twostep threestep fivestep sixstep seven8

The above photos are my step outs for the class, here a few of the students working on their quilts.


It is always a challenge, but also fun, to step outside the defined box and create something new and exciting.

ART quilting.

Challenge yourself to make something uniquely your own.

If that scares you, start by making something that is outside your defined box, like my Duluth Trees and then go from there.

Happy Quilting on this bright sunshiny day.

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  1. Aart

    In the Netherlands we have 3 groups: traditional quilts, modern quilts and art quilts. We all know traditional quilts, modern quilts are made without patterns and made from fabric. Art Quilts can made from different materials and have a message to tell. This is a very short list, it is much larger.

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