Bobbin stitching – Applying fusible web binding part 2

After applying the binding I like to top stitch the edge of my quilts. You don’t really have to, but I like the way it looks.

Some times I just use a matching or a contrasting thread, almost always the 30 wt Madeira Rayon. I like the colors and how it sits on the surface of the work.

But sometimes I like to use heavier weight threads in the bobbin to get a more decorative look to the top stitching.

I have found that I can put all kinds of heavy thread in the bobbin and sew from the backside of the quilt and end up with a very unique and different finish to the top stitching.

In this video I am using the 4mm silk ribbon that I dye on the edge of Woodland Treasures.


6 responses on “Bobbin stitching – Applying fusible web binding part 2

  1. Annie

    I’m glad to see this technique might be making a comeback. For people with a removeable bobbin case, it’s a great idea to purchase an extra bobbin case and use it only for decorative threads and adjust the tension as desired for different threads and ribbons. This way you can control the look of the stitch on the front for a more uniform stitch look.

  2. Judy

    Frieda, many thanks for this demo I have wanted to try bobbin work, but did not think my machine would be suitable. I notice you were using a machine similar to mine, so I am going to give it a go. Thanyou again for sharing your technique.

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