Bobbin holder

I am recycling.

My apples from Costco came in these molded clear plastic covers. I just couldn’t seem to throw them away.


After much thought, and them just hanging around for awhile, I realized they would make great bobbin holders. 

I have the top and the bottom, so I can have two of these if I want.


I like them because they sort my bobbins by color and I can easily see what colors I have.

I never liked the things that clip on top of the spool of thread. Before this my bobbins were just all jumbled up in one bowl. For right now this is my newest and neatest option.

What do you think?

How do you store your bobbins?

6 responses on “Bobbin holder

  1. Nina Marie

    funny that you should write a post about this! I’ve gone through much the same dilemma as of late. Although I’m all for reusing – your idea wouldn’t work for me since I or my cat would inevitably knock it over and I would be once again on my hands and knees looking for them. This post ( ) led me to the box from Joann’s which will – I think work for me the best. Other boxes have fallen apart when dropped or not latched right. I store a ton of bobbins by colors so I need a big holder with a lid. (the lid keeping dust and dirt off) Plus this is easily attainable (here in the states ) and inexpensive – albeit not as inexpensive as yours (grin)!

  2. Cornwoman

    I like your idea about keeping them in that recycled apple container! They are easily seen, don’t collect dust (or cat hair), and it’s perfect for sorting by color!

    My bobbins are kept in one of those flexible plastic “donuts”. I have one for each of my two machines. If my donut gets too full with bobbins that are low on thread but are too much to waste by pulling off them, I use them for my FMQ practice sandwiches.

    Plus a friend in Canada sent me a plastic box with a little latch made to hold a dozen bobbins, which she also sent, so that I could wind them and keep them in my hand sewing basket.

  3. pklaw

    I keep my bobbins in plastic pill containers from the dollar store. The kind that is labeled for the day of the week. Each section holds 3 bobbins and I store them by color. It is the system I have found that works best for me. I love that you recycled your apple container!

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