Blue sunset fabric

I love to make and use gradated fabrics. I love doing gradations from one color to another to create beautiful multi colored fabrics and then using them to create my art quilts.

Blue Sunset Pines is a perfect example of just that.


I started with my Blue Sunset gradated fabric, this fabric starts out yellow at one end and ends up blue at the other end, and by using the different shades in this one gradation with the addition of a little bit of lime silk I create ┬áthis wonderful little art quilt. 9″ x 11″.

Blue SunSet Pines

Blue and green is one of my all time favorite color combinations and find that I use it over and over again in my work. I think I like it so much because these are the colors we see all around us all the time living in the Midwest. Blue sky green grass, blue sky green trees.

Even the pile of scraps appeals to me.


I hope you all have a productive and happy weekend and get outside and enjoy the blue skies and the green grass. In our area it is very little green grass yet.



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