Blackened Rainbow Gradation

Autumn Mums

I really love saturated color and I love working with it too. My Blackened Rainbow Stripe fabric colors are warm and rich and inviting. I want to show you a few of the quilts I have made with this combination  of 14 colors that have black added to them to make them so compelling.

One of my most popular patterns is Autumn Mums. This design is a simple flower pattern that is created using bright pure colors set against the blackened rainbow colors. I love that contrast of brights and dark to create depth and interest. By the way, I don’t travel with this pattern anymore you can only purchase it on my website.

First the bright flowers are created and then set on top of a rectangle of color. Because this fabric has 14 different colors in it, the color shifts from fuchsia to magenta to purple, or blue to aqua to teal, all in the short distance of 12″, making the background area seem much more complex than it really is. As a good friend used to say, make the fabric do the work for you!

The Blackened Rainbow stripe fabric is fused and then cut apart into 1″ strips that are then refused together and cut apart one more time to create a “stripy” effect. This is an easy way to move lots of color around in a composition and are the design elements in between the flower rectangles. Nothing in this composition is “pieced” it is all fused and refused, the only sewing on this piece is the machine quilting and the top-stitching on the binding which is also fused.autumnmum
I’ve for the veins and leaves in the composition I’ve accented this design with my favorite neutral color, Frieda Green. This is a fun quilt to make this summer to hang on your wall come autumn.


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