Blackened Gradation

I am so excited about the class on Craftsy.

When I first was thinking about a project for the class of course I knew I wanted to use my hand dyed fabrics.

I thought it would be fun to use one of the 12 step gradations from my book Fabric to Dye For.

So I used the blackened 12 step gradation using the dye colors Yellow #2, Scarlet and Blue.

They are such intense colors. It reminds me of Amish colors.

It occurred to me that not everyone is as passionate about dyeing fabrics as I am, so I am offering the 12 1/2 yard hand dyed fabrics on my website. Maybe you just want to order them because the colors are just so gorgeous, you could also make the quilt for the project on Craftsy with them too.











We are off to see the Grandson this weekend. I can’t wait…….

4 responses on “Blackened Gradation

  1. Patricia L Walters

    I wish I had been able to read this before I signed up for your class on Craftsy! I already bought the kit they offered. I would have bought your 12 1/2 yards of hand dyed fabrics if I had known about them before I signed up. I read about your class on Laura’s blog and immediately went to Craftsy and signed up. She had previously mentioned how good you are.

    Help please. I finally found your blog in the list way over to the side of blogs I follow. Is there any way I can get an e-mail that says when you post s new blogs? I really would appreciate your help with being able to get these. Thanks much.

  2. Patricia L Walters

    OOPs I tried again to sign up for e-mails of your blog over on the side of your website. Maybe it worked this time? and your newsletter too.
    Enjoy your grandson and your trip.

  3. Gayle Kush

    Oh have a great time. I love the blackened 12 colors the very best from your book. Still one of my favorite dyeing resources. One of these days I am going to take the time to figure out how to get those colors without having to mix up the whole batch.

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