Bernina Artisian

I am proud to announce that I have become a Bernina Artisan.

IT is very exciting to be working on a wonderful NEW 750 Bernina.

Here is the beautiful machine.








These are my FIRST three little quilts I made on my new 750 Bernina.









THE FARM 12″ x 14″









Tiny Daffodils 12″ x 14″

Fall Sister Trees







Fall Sister Trees 14″ x 16″

One of the things I discovered using this new machine is that when I tap the floor pedal the presser foot drops and all I have to do is start sewing. THIS is a fantastic feature that saves me a lot of time. 

Of course there is always a new learning curve and getting used to the computer menu is taking a little time, but not very difficult AT ALL. I am keeping the manual right by the machine so that when I want to do something I can just look it up and go. 

It is doing fabulous free motion machine quilting AND I love the memory button with the decorative stitches.

I am one happy camper.


7 responses on “Bernina Artisian

  1. Bobby Ann Soileau

    Frieda, you truely have been Blessed with a gift from God. They say we are only limited by our imagination but yours is endless, could we all be so lucky. Thank You so much for sharing your gifts with us. When I see your quilts they make me smile and find contentment.

  2. Cornwoman

    lol I got a new Bernina 820QE machine around the end of April, and my shop gave me 3 free lessons on how to use it. I **LOVE** my new machine! I’m in the process of quilting a 52″ x 60″ quilt for one of my granddaughters for her birthday, and while I’m having to learn that the pedal doesn’t change the speed with the BSR, it’s really a great machine!

  3. Patricia L Walters

    Congratulations! and Hooray to have you join the Bernina group. I bought a 780 Bernina when they first came out and finally got it last September (I think it was) and Love it/ Have you tried the BSR for free motion (didn’t the 750 come with it?) I am enjoying your class very much. / Your 3 new quilts you did with the 750 are WONDERFUL!

    0. I need to use the Bark stitches you do for flames.

  4. Crazy Cuban

    Congratulations on your new Bernina! I think they make wonderful machines. Keep them clean and oiled and they will “purr” along forever. 8)

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