Bead it Like you Mean it

My friend Lyric Kinard has just published a very enjoyable and educational new video called,
“Bead it like you Mean it”
I just finished watching the whole thing and was truly captivated. Lyric is light hearted and charming in this video just like she is in person and it made it very enjoyable to watch her teach us the basics about beading. She shows us how to make knots and how important it is to make lots of knots. But also how to not make any knots on the back of an all ready finished quilt!! This is a GREAT tip. I have beaded a little bit here and there, nothing serious mind you, but with Lyric’s video I was actually thinking about how and where I could add some beads to my next art piece.

Lyric gives very clear and easy to follow directions along with the video close ups for even the beginner beader. She tells us what the beads are called, what needles to use and what threads are best. She shows us some great ideas of how to use each exercise she illustrates. I am thinking about adding big chucky beads on something just to be able to make the cage she shows in the video. Love this idea. I also loved the stacked beads and will use this in my next flower quilt.

I think this is a must have video for your library. I will be giving away one free copy of this fabulous DVD. Send me your comments and I will pick a number on random numbers to select the winner. Good luck!!! and happy beading.

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