Batting samples

Maybe you didn’t get to do a little retail therapy at Houston this past week. 

We had fun, fun, fun.

Besides being in my booth with Laura I also demoed in the Fairfield batting booth. I guess I got a little batting, ha ha, it being Halloween week and all.

I thought you might like to see the batting samples I made up to have in the booth with me for people to see what they look like quilted.

All of these designs are in my Machine Quilting Book that you can order on the books page of my website if you are interested.

Basic curly ques, swirls and what they can lead your quilting into.

Me, Me, Me, Bark and Stars designs. All basic designs to get you started with machine quilting.
Notice that I machine quilted the name of the batting along with the type of thread that I used.


I also left about 2” of the batting exposed on one side of my sandwich so I could refresh my memory; old age, and see and feel what it looked like.


I found that doing this exercise was good for me. I practiced a few new designs.

Like these free form Christmas trees.


And revisited this design that I used to use ALL the time and remembered how much I liked it and where I think I will use it in the near future.

I also glued the package info to the back of each sandwich for future reference. 

However gluing didn’t really work and I am going to go back and staple the
info to the sandwich. I am such a visual person, it helps me to see what the packaging looks like when I go to the store to rebuy more.

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  1. charlotte hickman

    Frieda, love the quilting–particularly the feathers with circles in the stem. We are preparing for a big Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival at Southwoods Landscaping and Nursery in Tulsa, OK. First experience with this but the owner supports the Arts and we like that! Charlotte

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