Basting a quilt – part one of machine quilting a larger quilt

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Basting a quilt

If you have any questions about what I did in this project, just ask or send me an email.

5 responses on “Basting a quilt – part one of machine quilting a larger quilt

  1. Gayle from MI

    Did you spray the backing before you put the batting down or did you spray the batting then lay it down on top of the backing. That’s the part I always seem to have the trouble with because the 505 seems to like to sprayed on the batting better than the backing. Also I have a product called DK-5 (same company)that takes off the over spray from the 505. Don’t ask.

  2. Penny Schine Gold

    Thanks for the demo! I’ve been using 505 ever since you recommended it when you came to Piecemakers Guild in Galesburg, and I’m really happy with it–I can’t imagine using pins again! I was interested to see that your tables are not exactly the same height, but you just went with that. (I’ve been doing things small enough to go up on my design wall, and have been happy doing this “vertically.”)

  3. Lisa

    I love 505 spray basting and it holds things beautifully. It looked like the middle table was taller than the two outer tables. It looked like the fabric was going up and down the tables instead of being flat. . .I’m guessing there was a little more tightening that went on in that direction before you put the batting on?

  4. Frieda

    Yes the middle table was slightly higher than the other two tables on either side of it, but once you pull the fabric taut it doesn’t really make any difference. The fabric itself is pulled to an even tightness all the way around.
    And then the batting lays flat and the quilt top lays flat and all is good.

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