I have a real attraction to barns.

Whenever I see them on the horizon I zero right in. I have always been fascinated with them and in fact would love to have one of my own.

When I am driving in my car, especially here in the mid-west, I  take tons of pictures of them as I pass them on the highway, even if I am driving the car.

I think what appeals to me about them most is that you can store lots of stuff in them.

If I had one I would turn it into my studio space. IMAGINE the space you would have to work. I would also have four long wooden tables to work on. By long I mean 10″ x 4″. Just visualize the projects that could be spread out and left as you worked around the room. OOOOH



“On the way home”


“Farm and Field”


The Farm CC auction 2014 Sue Ruchs
“Texas on my mind”IMG_4344-001

Yesterday I drove out to the DeKalb County Quilters in DeKalb, IL to give a lecture on Free Motion Machine Quilting, I will be teaching the same class on Saturday there, and saw so many wonderful barns on the horizon.

Seeing all the barns and fields filled me with peace and joy, I loved my ride.



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