Baby Rainbow Quilt

The past two weekends I’ve been working on a quilt for a new baby. When ever I get invited to a baby shower, if at all possible, I try to make this rainbow quilt as a gift.

This time I made it a little different but the jest is the same. These are made from one yard of my Rainbow strip gradation fabric and inset with white squares on point. The squares are cut at 5″. I think putting the squares on point gives the quilt a bit more flare for very little effort.

On this version I made a circle template that creates a diamond in the center of the colored squares. Then I stipple quilted inside the diamond shapes with that color thread. So the back of this quilt is white with white stippling in the white squares and colored stippling in the colored squares. I quilted the circles in green. It made a very plain quilt really fun. And the great thing about this quilt is the couple didn’t find out the sex of the baby so a RAINBOW quilt is perfect. I know they will enjoy it.

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