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Soda Ash

Well here it is almost the end of the summer. It sure did go fast, didn’t it? Every year towards the end of the summer I try to remember to buy a few things that will be gone once the cool weather arrives. Soda Ash or Sodium Carbonate and pool noodles. I use the Sodium…

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Crossing Oceans

I was privileged to be asked to participate in an exhibit called, Crossing Oceans textile artist. This was a fabulous show that was put together by quilter Jane Rollanson and traveled for several years around Europe. You can visit the Facebook page that shows you all the artist that participated in this exhibit as well…

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I just got my copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited. I was pleasantly reminded that I had been asked if they could publish a picture of one of my favorite quilts – Daffodils – “Springs Greetings”. This quilt was inspired by the gorgeous yellow Daffodils that bloom in my garden beds in the early spring.  This…

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