Here is my internet interview with Alex Veronelli, the USA representative of this fabulous thread. I first discovered Aurifil at the Chicago IQA show many moons ago, it may have even been in the year 2000. I have been using it ever since. It comes in rich yummy colors that I just can’t resist. Have I said before I LOVE color.

I AM a little bias, sorry. I think it is the way that it is displayed on the racks at the shows that just grabs me.
When and where was the company started? and by who?

Aurifil was founded in Milano by my Father and Mr Gregotti in 1983 on the idea to produce high quality threads and accessories for Italian Fashion Clothing and the High quality Bed Linen industry mainly. In 2000 my vision to open to new markets drove Aurifil into the Quilt & Patchwork World

Where does the cotton and wool come from?

The raw cotton is from Egypt where the weather conditions and the rich soil enabled the production of a better cotton. The term “Egyptian cotton Mako’” is usually applied to the extra long staple cotton produced in Egypt and favored for the luxury and upmarket brands worldwide.  The limited production of extra long staple cotton, particularly the one suitable for cotton Mako, increases its exclusivity. The annual production of cotton is of 100 million bales. The long staple cotton produced each year makes 3 million bales, of which only 1 million and 200 thousands are exported!

Our Wool comes from Australia from the quality called Merino. Australian Merino is regarded by many as the finest and softest wool produced anywhere. It is a unique fiber, loved by fashion and apparel designers for its quality and versatility. Nothing else feels like it, looks like it, or wears like it.
I have been to Australia and the sheep look just like this. I think I probably saw this exact pair. Oh wait that might have been in New Zealand where the sheep outnumber the people!
Where is your thread manufactured?

I am proud to say 100 % made in Italy, after the raw material is imported : spinning , twisting , dyeing and rewind processes are made by a network of 4 small companies owned now by a 3rd generation of specialists  and located all within 15 miles, each one spearhead in one of the steps, this is the base of Italian quality in textile.

What are your best sellers and why?

The 50wt cotton, thinnest of my threads (and my favorite!FA). Thinner thread means flatter seams and less bulk when multiple seams come together. It’s strong and doesn’t give off as much lint as others,  Fine thread will emphasize your fabric choices and quilt designs. Quilters love it also in the bobbin. (YES this is where I use it all the time FA.)

What trends do you see happening in sewing today and for the future?

Even if I just decanted the deeds of the thinnest weight, I must admit I am taking consciousness that Crafters want to show more of their stitches nowadays : “ let your stitches be leading actors “ . For this reason I based all my 2012 Designers of the Month program on my 12wt cotton that is the thickest of my threads . 
Any new products on the horizon?

For the most no, I decided to focus the investments in research & marketing on the products already available on the market with the target to improve them even more, of course I am going to enlarge the actual range of 252 colors  with new shades,  keeping the card updated with the new trends of fabrics.

But I wish to uncover that a start of studying in order to develop a polyester thread is already on my timeline.
That was so informative and great of Alex to share with us his knowledge and information about one of my favorite thread companies.

I would be so happy if I had this case of thread in my studio!!
valigia open

I am now carrying Aurifil 50wt cotton thread to match the colors of the ten rayon threads I sell on my website. I hope you will go check it out.

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  1. sue viall

    I also like aurifil threads,but can only find at shows, did you get my question on the big dandelion pattern,and do you have thread and fabric for the yellow dandelions????????? please

  2. Cornwoman

    Aurifil is my hands down favorite thread, especially their variegated ones! Not only are they gorgeous and have the qualities that Alex mentioned, but because they are so fine, you get more thread on the spools. It is a little pricier, but with more thread on a spool, it makes it more affordable. My local quilt shop has stopped carrying the variegateds so I’m glad to hear that you carry them.

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