Artist Monday–Wendy Butler Berns

My friend Wendy is an artist full of energy and you can see that reflected in her work. I hope you enjoy viewing-
“The Soul’s Reflections in Fiber”
Art Quilts by Wendy Butler Berns

“I love fabric. I love color. I love to stitch. Quilting is an art form that allows me to combine these passions.   My quilts tell stories of people, places and journeys that are important to me. The visions, feelings and messages for these stories energetically dart about inside me.  By creating with fabric and thread, quiltmaking offers me the spontaneous freedom to express and direct this internal energy and vision into original, tangible and textural images I can share with others.”
Wendy Butler Berns
textile artist, teacher, lecturer
“Me and My Shadow-Out on a Limb”
51” X 65 ½”

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”
TS Elliot

This image of my shadow out on a limb jumped out at me as I imagined where I have been with my quilting and where I am headed.  The streamers of log cabins and flying geese represent my tradition- with- a-twist beginnings. Now, I am reaching for the sky surrounded by my new adventures with collaged threads, wonderful textured wool roving, Texture Magic, new machine quilting stitches and many more future unknown journeys.  Part of my “Out on a Limb”  exhibition series.
“Olbrich’s Blooming Midnight Garden”
22” x 36”

While visiting Olbrich Gardens  on a rainy day with moisture glistening from
the flowers,  I imagined the garden with larger than life flowers
shimmering under the glow of the midnight moon.

Quilted fabric collage
Completed November, 2010

“Olbrich as Art” Invitational 2011
“Tessellating Wings”
52 ½” X 63 ½”
Go on working freely and furiously and you will make progress.”
Paul Gauguin

My Quilt Designs – stretching to new heights. Stretching my design skills is what I challenged myself to do with this piece.  I took a single butterfly wing drawing I created and tessellated it to see what would happen.  The design has an abstract feel, but by using recognizable colors of the Monarch butterfly, one can get a sense of the real thing.  Part of my “Out on a Limb” exhibition series.

Wendy Butler Berns
textile artist, teacher, lecturer
N6536 Shorewood Hills Road
Lake Mills, WI  53551
(920) 648-7576
You can view Wend’y’s workshops and gallery-
Vidcast of “Out on a Limb Exhibition”

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