Artist Monday – Crushed

I am deeply disappointed today.
My quilt “Springs Greeting” was recently in a show with several other of my quilts. This was a regional show put on by a group I was a member of.
It was returned to me dirty. But not just dirty it had grease marks on it in six separate places on the yellow silk flowers. Whoever packed it, either dragged it or let it rub up against something in the process of rolling and packing it. I have been able to remove the grease with careful cleaning but it has discolored the silk somewhat in a few places.
This quilt has won several awards over the last few years and has been a favorite of mine. I am devastated that one of my treasures has been basically irreversible damaged. I do carry insurance on my quilts and quilting equipment and I may put in a claim on it, but it will not repair or return the quilt to me in pristine condition.
Yes, I have notified the person responsible for the damage, but again that only makes someone else feel bad. I am sure they did not do this intentionally.

From now on I will be shipping my quilts rolled in white fabric and will include instructions on how to handle them. Sad smile

8 responses on “Artist Monday – Crushed

  1. Mommarock

    Crushed is putting it lightly I would think! Oh that beautiful work, and all the heart and time that goes into these.. you would think that the people who handle them would know this, and be more thoughtful and caring.. how terrible!!

  2. Carol

    That has got to have been gut wrenching for you. It’s a beautiful piece.
    Hopefully the people at the other end will be more careful next time they handle a work of art.

  3. Diane J. Evans

    I’m so sorry, Frieda. These quilts are like our children — there is no way to replace one of them. People need to be mindful of their value and trained in how to handle them. How dreadful!


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