Artist Monday

The idea behind Artist Monday is to share with you some of the great people I meet while I am out in the quilt world teaching and traveling.

I have recently returned from teaching at The Quilters Affair in Sisters OR. I had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with Karla Alexander. You probably already know her from her book – Stack the Deck.


Karla’s classroom was directly in front of mine at the high school where we had classes, and our hotel rooms were right next to each other. At a lot of these retreat camp like venues the teachers are introduced on stage usually on the first night after classes. I am almost always first to go up, but at this show there were TWO people in front of me, Bari Ackeman and Karla. So of course we chatted it up waiting in line to go and show off in front of everyone. Karla is a warm and sharing teacher who likes to have a good time.

If you ever get a chance to take Karla’s class don’t pass it up because you will have fun.

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