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I love getting new art pieces and on my recent quilting cruise trip through the Panama Canal with Deb Roberts, I got these great local pieces.

This is a piece of traditional wool art from the region around Puerta Vallarta. It is made of wool yarn wrapped and stuck on with beeswax to the wooden frame. This little hummingbird and fox? tell a traditional tale. The artist wrote on the back and if you can translate it for us please do! This is what google translator says it says –

In the center celemonal throughout a dance party Moche deer and corn

The Party is the third Chuparrosa hablor embiado to the god of water pora to be a good rainy season


This piece is about 8″ square.FA_woolart1a

This is also a wool wrapped piece but no note from the artist on the back but it is by





This piece I bought at a gallery and you can go visit it on line at and see many of the other pieces. It is called “Secrets” I just love it! It is about 10″ x 12″. I did not get the bigger size and if you look at the price you will see why. But I love this little one.

These will decorate my studio space and make me very happy!!


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  1. sophie

    I have been fascinated by pieces made like these at the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. Yours are pretty spectacular. Original art makes the best souvenirs.

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