AQS Lancaster show

I have been off line for about a week, did you miss me?

I was off teaching at the AQS Lancaster PA show. I did not have good internet at the show and just didn’t feel like sitting in the lobby to use my computer. So we all got a break.

It was not that much warmer there than here, but we had a great time and it is a very nice show.

I wanted to show you a few of the quilts that caught my eye while I was judging the show. The ones today didn’t get an award, but I like them very much.

I am always looking for originality and inventiveness when I look at a show and these are just a few of the quilts that seem to fit that bill.

There is no rhythm or reason why I like something, I think each piece presents an interesting viewing.

Enjoy the viewing.


I loved the originality of this quilt maker.









I’ll show you a few of the prize winners next time.



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