Ann Fahls – Applique Ann’s Way

My good friend and award winning quilt artist Ann Fahl has written a new booklet entitled –

Applique Ann’s Way.

This booklet is full of great tips and tricks.

So many new quilters stay away from applique, when in reality it is the most flexible way to achieve a design.

Ann has include 6 favorite methods of machine applique, they include satin stitch, open zigzag, decorative stitch, messy free motion, free motion straight stitch, and Florentine Edge Applique. Half of these methods are with the feed dogs up and half are with the feed dogs down.

You should go to Ann’s website and order this inexpensive yet priceless booklet!! You could become an award winning quilter too!!!

Applique Ann's Way

Spring Gift – Florentine Edge

There is some of my hand dyed fabrics in the blue background of this quilt. 🙂

One response on “Ann Fahls – Applique Ann’s Way

  1. Dina

    Thanks for the info. Will have to look up Ann’s new book. Love her work and already have one of her books. Sure I will be getting this one also.

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