Angels we have heard on high Sweetly singing…

I love the angels in my collection. Yes another collection, I guess I have a few.
Each is so special. I don’t tell people I collect angels because I don’t want people giving me any old angel.
My mom gives me some though.
This is our Christmas tree. That’s my Tree Skirt from the Quilting Arts Gift Issue!! Yummy isn’t it. It is made with my Winter Reds, and Grass Green gradations.
This is the size tree I am going to have from now on. It is perfect, easy to get and FRESH. I refuse to have a fake tree.
I only put angels on my tree.
Felted angel made by my friend Randi, so sweet.
Scherenschnitte – Paper cut angels, made by my friend Kirsten.
Lois gave me this one last year, made from a tatted hankie.
This one is extra special because, you know that is my other real obsession, collecting tatted hankies.

One response on “Angels we have heard on high Sweetly singing…

  1. Mariella

    Very pretty Angel tree! You are wise to keep you collecting secret. My mom collected owls. She received so many Owl gifts until her house was too full of owls and she had to put the word out “NO MORE OWLS”… was so easy shopping for gifts for her until that happened!!!!

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