And the winner is …

George decided that Deb must be the winner because she realizes that there is more to being a dog then just laying around and keeping me company. There is the guarding, chasing and eating stuff too.
So Deb if you will please email me your address George and I will mail off your thread ravels later today when we go for our walk by the lake. You really should show us what you use them for when you get a chance.
Thanks for playing along and I hope everyone stays cool. It was 110 here yesterday. IMG_1462

4 responses on “And the winner is …

  1. Vivika

    May I just say that your Jack Russell looks so SO much like my Jack Trigger who passed away 6 years ago… it was like getting a glimpse of him in the distance. What a great pooch.

  2. Deb

    Oh, thanks so much! I just emailed you my information. I am excited that I’ll be receiving something great in the mail for a change.

    Please give George and hug and a treat for me. Thanks!

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