Always Dyeing

I am getting ready for my “big” push this summer. I have lots of teaching engagements and in order to keep up with all the kits I am always dyeing. I dye a little everyday.

Dyeing fabric

I dye all my fabrics flat on platters. Then they dry overnight on racks.







fabric drying

While I am doing the days dyeing, the fabrics from the day before are being washed and dried.







fabric to ironAfter dinner I iron and sort what I dyed the day before.

I am constantly surrounded by color.

That makes me, and George, happy.


2 responses on “Always Dyeing

  1. Susan

    I’m using the silk I got from you right now for my challenge quilt. I had no idea how much I would LOVE working with it. The look and feel is just so cool and I love doing the quilting on it. I’ll definitely be getting some more!

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