I am a big fan of acorns and oak trees. I guess it stems from my childhood and hearing my mom and grandmother talk about the flora and fauna so often when they were together. I especially love oak leaves and it only follows that I would also love acorns. I am amazed at how different they can all be.
While in PA this past week we went to a local art fair. We came across this guy SquirrelyWood from Florida doing beautiful wood working and low and behold he had crafted these acorn boxes out of cherry wood, also one of my favorite’s.
This is my birthday present from my DH –
It is about 4 inches wide and about 8 inches tall to the top of the stem. It is made from burl cherry. I LOVE IT.
Here are just a few of the other acorns I have about me.
I have two cooper ones that are the fobs of my key chain made by my good friend Sandy James.
A little vignette in my living room collected from my little woods. These are white oak leaves and acorns.
An oak door stop I bought in London at the V&A museum last summer. Made from English Oak.
Live oak and red oak leaves and their acorns. The live oak leaves are the ones on the left. A student brought them to me when I taught in Texas two years ago. LOVE THEM.
I also designed a label with an oak leaf and acorn, that C&T has included into a new book “Quilt Label Collective” that will be available soon from their website.

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