A sleeve pleat tutorial

The ladies at the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild asked me to put together a tutorial on how I do my sleeves on my wall quilts.

Hereare quick steps of the basics.

  1. Cut a sleeve that is 1 wider than your squared up unbound wall piece and 10″ deep.
  2. Fold under the edges on each end 1/2 inch and press.
  3. Fold the sleeve lengthwise in half and press.
  4. Cut out a 2″ long length of 1/4″ or 1/2″ ribbon for the loop in the middle of the sleeve.
  5. At the sewing machine stitch down the two side edges and sew the label with the folded loop in the center to the exact center of the sleeve. Sew the label about 1 1/2″ down from the top of the raw edge.
  6. Fold up 1/4″ lengthwise from the bottom fold and press. Stitch a running stitch along this second fold.
  7. Fold the sleeve in half again and sew both raw edges to the top of the quilt with a quarter inch seam.
  8. Apply your binding to the wall quilt.
  9. After the binding is sewn on, fold up the sleeve to reveal the running stitch line and hand stitch the sleeve in place along this line. This will create a PLEAT in the sleeve.
  10. Buy foam core at your craft, office supply, or fabric store and cut it to 4″ wide by 1″ narrower than your wall quilt. Use the foam core inside the sleeve to give it stability and use ONE nail to hang your wall quilt from the loop you put in the center of the sleeve behind the label.

SO EASY and such a clean nice finish to your masterpiece, ALSO now your piece can hang in any show.

sleeve pleat IMG_1178 fa_sleeveloop1 fa_sleeveloop2 IMG_1162treename


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  1. Marthe Jones

    Can you explain the purpose for the fold, or pleat and does it matter if it is at the top or bottom?are you removing the pleated, or stitched line at some point, or leaving it in? Thanks!

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