A portrait of the selfie

I recently read this synopsis of an article from the New York Magazine about the “selfie” in Professional Artist magazine.

Frieda selfie

Here is what they said:

Although the art of self-portraiture – or a portrait of oneself done by oneself- has been around for centuries, the selfie, which is  a self-portrait photo typically taken with a camera phone, is only several years old. But, Jerry Saltz, the insightful art critic for New York Magazine, writes: “We live in the age of the selfie. A fast self-portrait, made with a smartphone’s camera and immediately distributed and inscribed into a network, is an instant visual communication of where we are, what we’re doing, who we think we are, and who we think is watching.”

It’s how Saltz begins Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie, his wonderful essay on just how this viral art form really is a new visual genre. He breaks the essay into four parts;

1. Defining a new form

2. What they say

3. What they don’t say

4. Art history, art future.

You can read the whole article here http://bit.ly/artofselfie

ENJOY and have a great weekend. Give yourself a new selfie and share it.

George's selfieGeorgie’s selfie



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