A guide to color talk

Talky talky talky –  words always come out of my mouth mangled. I wonder if I have a disconnect in my brain. BUT images stay there a long time. I try to connect an image with a word when I really need or want to remember it.

Here are some of the words used for color.

Hue – That is just another name for color; red, yellow, green, orange etc.…

Tint – Color +WHITE while pink is a color all it’s own it is a tint of red a lighter version.

Tone – Color +Black, I add black to my hand dyes to create what I call blackened colors.


This is my Blackened Rainbow gradation.

Key color – Dominant color in a color scheme or mixture

Neutral – Grey a combination of black and white, or any color that is non descript.

I like to call Frieda Green a neutral and I find it often works that way for me.


Intensity or Chroma – the brightness or dullness of a color

Rainbow Gradation are all bright colors, there are 14 bright full strength colors in this gradation.


Value – the lightness or darkness of a color


The values in Winter Sky go from black to light grey.

You can keep these words in your brain and associate the pictures I have provided.

Have a great weekend.

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