A great day to be alive

It is a great day.

The past few days have been perfect summer days, 82 degrees and low humidity. The grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. The hummingbirds are coming more regularly to the feeders and the sky is blue blue blue.

I do feel very lucky, my kids and grand kids are healthy my husband is healthy and I am healthy and everyone is employed.

Friday on my trip home from sunny beautiful California I was once again reminded to be thankful.

My inattentive airlines stuck me in the window seat for my return flight home. For some unknown reason I was not able to pick my return flight seat assignment. Even though I have indicated on my profile that I want an aisle seat the computer put me at the window.  It is not that I don’t like sitting and looking out the window it is that I must get up and pee at least once during a trip and probably twice if I drink all the water I need to drink to stay hydrated on a long flight like the one from California to Chicago.

But perhaps it was meant to be. 

As the plane filled up a husband and wife came along that were split up in their seat assignment. The wife had to sit in the middle seat across the aisle from her husband. He helped her into the middle seat next to me and then took his seat across the aisle. If I had been paying closer attention I would have just changed seats with him, but I REALLY don’t like the middle seat on a plane, especially for a three and 1/2 hour flight.

As we settled in and started traveling, the wife (Becky) and I began to converse. 

It turns out that about 7 years ago she began to lose her sight. She went to many different doctors and they couldn’t determine what was causing the lose of her sight, as her eyes were functioning correctly. Eventually she was diagnosed with a rare condition connected to Alzheimer, she told me she had Alzheimer’s Eyes, the eyes are seeing but the brain is not receiving the image.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, now she is also beginning to have the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well. She was 4 years younger than me and looked 10 years older. 

She and I talked and I helped her out with drinks and snacks, her husband and I nodding across the aisle, and eventually I took her to the bathroom. Well it was a good excuse for me to get out too.

As we were leaving her husband and I again nodded and smiled  to each other and I walked off so very thankful for my life.

I guess God gives us little nudges all the time to remind us how lucky we are with what we have.

I hope she also looks out for those of us that aren’t so lucky.


2 responses on “A great day to be alive

  1. Susan

    Gosh. I’ve never heard of Alzheimer’s Eyes. How horribly frustrating …for both of them. It sounds like they both have a very bleak future ahead. So, so sad. Thank you for posting your story. I think we need to be reminded now and then of how insignificant some of our complaints are and how lucky we really are.

  2. Bonnie

    Oh no! I have never heard of that affliction either and hope I never do again. Yes…we are lucky indeed. At my last eye appointment I was told I have macula degeneration in my right eye…which might be why I keep hitting the key next to the one I really want to use…or it might just be plain stupidity on my part. The chap was very apologetic about giving me the news…I almost had to comfort him! I told him not to worry…I know it will get worse…but I still have another eye! Two is a bonus. One is enough. Like kidneys, lungs, testicles and other bits and bobs. I just hope my tongue never degenerates!!

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