A full day

We are home from Paducah, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping in my own bed.

But I am off again today, headed to Denver to film a very exciting new adventure. I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but I think it is going to be great. Stay tuned for details.

My day will consist of getting repacked and reorganized which is always a struggle for me (the organizing part). I make too many lists.

The highlight of the day will be getting my nails done and taking a walk with George in the woods.

It was nice to come home to spring time. Doesn’t it seem like every year winter gets longer and longer?

But for those that didn’t make it to the show, I will share with you a picture of one of my favorite quilts this year at the AQS show in Paducah, KY. I love Linda Roy’s work and this was her entry this year.

Linda Roy quilt IMG_5696

Happy Quilting everyone, sew a little something for me will ya, I am missing being at my machine.

2 responses on “A full day

  1. Diane Fulton

    Hope your new adventure in Denver is quick so you can come home to your own bed! I have a guess about your project, but I’ll wait and see. And it’s not just your imagination, winter was incredibly long this year.

  2. Debby Harwell

    I’m sure hoping your filming adventure involves something that several of us have been asking for over and over! We’ll wait and see! I’m sure it will be great no matter what it is! And I know what you mean about loving your bed! I’ve got a great adjustable temperpedic type bed and it’s the best!

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