A few little Jacks

I always encourage my students to send me photos of projects they have finished from either class or my patterns.

Deborah sent me this just the other day.

Hi Frieda—

 I talked with you at the Rosemont show and you encouraged me to post photos of my little quilts on your blog. I thought I’d just send you the photos…

A group of us meet the first Saturday in January for a little “retreat”. Last year we decided to do fused applique. Some of us did Frieda Anderson patterns (Woodland Jacks) and some of us did Laura Wasilowski patterns. Here are photos of the little Jacks that my sister and I did. We all had a great time and this was a fun project to do together.















Susan's Jack in the Pulpit












Really nice job gals. They even did the quilting the same as I did. Beautiful.

These are from my pattern Woodland Secrets.


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  1. Bonnie

    How beautiful are those? The first one looks as though there is a shadow behind the middle leaf…don’t you love hand dyed fabrics?

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