A Black and White Tale

Fall Fun by Ann Fahl

There is a neat little gift item out there for quilt and cat lovers.  A Black and White Tale is a book full of Ann Fahl’s quilts about her cat Oreo, in delightful color.  There is still time to order it from www.annfahl.com or amazon.com. Thirty four quilts illustrate the light verse written by Jacquie Scuitto is perfect for yourself or sharing with a child. There is a special section in the back of the book giving the back stories of each quilt pictured in the book. It’s small in size but big in color and is sure to delight anyone that opens it!

You can read more about it at http://www.annfahl.com/ann2/blackAndWhiteTale.php

Orders received by Dec 16 should arrive for the holiday.

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  1. Karen

    There is an exhibit of Ann’s quilts at the LaConner Quilt Museum (Washington) and they are fabulous. I particularly love her flower quilts. I hope to visit again before they leave at the end of the month.

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