20% Sale–Last Week

May you always continue to find both the inspiration and the time to create!

For the month of January I am offering 20% of all fabrics, patterns, and notions!!  This is your LAST WEEK of the sale!

What better way to start the new year than buying some special fabric for that new project. Prices haven’t been this low since 2007.

Spend a little of that holiday loot on something YOU really want. Luscious luminous hand dyed fabric, books, patterns and notions.

Getting you in Shape to work

Get your studio in shape to be creative this year.
Keep and buy the things you need and clear out the stuff that you don’t.
I have been cleaning, organizing and DE cluttering my studio space. If you missed it last week I did a tour of my studio.
A big part of this is letting go and getting rid of as much as I possibly can. It feels good. I have had a few good purging sessions, and what a difference it makes. It feels so nice to have a fresh start for the new year. I am dreaming of what I want my creative space to look and feel like. Change is good, and it is time for some change.

Here are a few ideas to get you started-

– reflect
What it was you did over the past year. I try to journal (not my favorite thing) and look at my goals regularly
Make that list of goals & to dos but be specific about it.

– Define success
What worked for you last year?
What didn’t work for you?

– Commit
List four projects that you want to get accomplished
Set a time map for doing these projects. Write them on a calendar or create Pinterest account to guide your vision for creativity for 2012. Work on this over a period of time, say10 days, letting it morph and then develop it into an action plan.

– Go for itDon’t wait for inspiration to strike. JUST DO IT!

– Identify and personalize strategies
Schedule regular time in the studio.
Turn off the phone and computer for at least an hour a day so that you can concentrate on your art.

– Create good habits
I look at creating art as my job and I treat it that way.
I keep regular studio hours

– Release what isn’t serving you
This is a hard one, as change takes effort. But if you can identify what isn’t working and make a clean break, then do it.

– Set boundaries

ART Quilts – Fusible Collage
This past year Laura Wasilowski and I filmed three new episodes with Nancy Zieman of Sewing With Nancy.

These episodes are now airing, but you can have them right in your own home by owning the DVD.
Along with the TV series is a great new book from Sewing with Nancy called Art Quilts – Fusible Collage which is co-authored by Laura Wasilowksi, Nancy Zieman, and myself. It contains several great projects as well as all of the different collage-style methods of fusing that Laura and I use.

Order the book today. It is a 3 ring binder with laminated pages that you can pull out.

The Best of Quilting Arts
Quilting Arts has come out with a fantastic new book, The Best of Quilting Arts. It celebrates the first 10 groundbreaking years of QUILTING ARTS magazine with a collection of its best articles, projects and techniques including:
• quilt art techniques from fabric collage and appliqué to resist dyeing, stamping, and foiling;
• machine-stitching and thread-painting tips and tutorials from award-winning art quilters;
• ideas and advice for the professional quilt artist;
• an array of binding and stitching techniques to make your art quilt stand out;
• methods for making realistic representational art quilts, including portraits of pets and people.
And, I’m on the cover as one of the cover girls with my quilt Dancing Trees. Such an honor!!


Work Schedule
I am working all over the world again this year. You can see if I am close to you by looking at my web site under schedule. If you are close to any of these places, please stop in and say hello. I always love seeing, meeting and sharing with my quilting companions. Or ask your guild to bring me there to teach or lecture, I love to travel.

My thanks
Thank you for being a loyal customer and friend. I hope you will share this blogpost with your quilting buddies and become a follower on my blog too. It is free and will give you daily tips, techniques, and information that you can use in your quilting adventures. Everyone who signs up for my blog or gets a friend to sign up for it will receive a free 1/4 yard of my gorgeous hand dyed fabric. Just send me your name and address.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 and add a little color and excitement to your daily grind, treat yourself to my 2012 Calendar.

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  1. Leonid

    I LOVE the free-motion quilting you did on my waeomrtlen quilt and that you didn’t have to go over any of the seeds- turned out beautifully! I might have to give you another project to add to your list when I finish MJ’s baby clothes quilt (you do such a good job and there are several squares with embellishments ) =0) This book looks fabulous!

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